Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Idol Talk - Top 10

The top 10 tackle the Billy Joel songbook this week, which I’m predicting will shake up the top vote-getters and reveal a dark horse or two. Last week was my favorite so far of the season, especially Joshua. That dude really connected with a song I’ve never really liked (“When a Man Loves a Woman”) and made me like it.

I think this is the week we’ll see Colton take a chance and move up the ranks. I also think Jessica will bounce back and at least one of last week’s bottom 3 will become a contender.

I also have to say the Jimmy Iovine clips are entertaining, if not for their blatant attempt to fill the Simon gap and hear what a record executive really thinks about the contestants. Do I wonder sometimes if they give a contestant a hard time in order to rally their fan base? Yes, sometimes. But more often than not, Jimmy is the only voice of reality. The judges continue to refrain from judging. It pains me when Seacrest asks them to select who is in the most trouble and they downright refuse (J Lo, you are the worst offender!). So I may begin referring to them as cheerleaders until they show some sign of doing what they’re paid to do.

Here are my rankings for the Top 10 and my hope for what song they will select tomorrow night:

Singers to Beat

1. Joshua Ledet "The Longest Time"
2. Phillip Phillips "My Life"
3. Jessica Sanchez "And So It Goes"
4. Colton Dixon "Pressure"

Middle of the Pack

5. Hollie Cavanagh "Just the Way You Are"
6. Skylar Laine "Tell Her About It"
7. Erika Van Pelt "Big Shot"

Bottom Three

8. Heejun Han "She's Got a Way"
9. DeAndre Brackensick "River of Dreams"
10. Elise Testone "Lullaby"


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