Saturday, July 2, 2011

Song by Song Guide to Wedding Bells in the Key of J, Part 4

(Over the next 12 days the blog will spotlight one song each day from Wedding Bells in the Key of J.)

Why did I include an arrangement of this song?

The Cure were one of my favorite bands growing up. They are known for their wild mood swings (that’s even the title of one of their albums). When Robert Smith (lead singer) is happy, he’s really happy. This song was apparently written in one of his happier moods, describing a blissful moment between a couple when they realize nothing but their feelings for each other.

How did I compose the arrangement?

My arrangement is based on Katie Melua’s cover from the Just Like Heaven soundtrack (2005). Her version slows it down and turns it acoustic without losing the feeling of the original. I tried to do the same and it seemed to fit the album just right.

Any interesting facts about the song?

This arrangement might not seem as recognizable until you’ve heard Katie Melua’s version.